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Long Island Expressway

Long Island Expressway I-495 in Queens, New York City

Surianello General Concrete was subcontracted to slip form the concrete paving when the previous contractor was unable to achieve the minimum ride ability requirements with their form-riding paver. The design for the job was to eliminate vertical curves to achieve better sight distances.  Some areas of the grade had to be raised as much as six feet (1.8 m) to level the new roadway.  High traffic volumes on the expressway and maintaining a steady concrete supply warranted to pave the project during the night-time hours.  The new roadway was slip formed on cement-treated permeable base. Dowel baskets were placed on grade every 16 feet (4.88 m).  A New York State Department of Transportation Class-C concrete mix design with fly ash was used on the project. Slump averaged one to 1.75 inches (25 to 44 mm).  Profiliograph readings were .19 and .51 inches per mile (three and eight mm/km), based on the two-tenths blanking band and this translated to a three and five percent quality adjustment bonus.