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Mainline Concrete Paving

When President Eisenhower saw the need for a National Highway system in the 1950’s, a major investment in the national infrastructure of highways was made, and Mainline Concrete Paving became recognized.  Today the National Highway System connects the over 254 million vehicles in the United States to cities, towns, airports, and seaports across the country. This high traffic requires a highly durable and long lasting product; requiring minimal maintenance to reduce congestion impact. Mainline concrete paving achieves these goals. Surianello began paving concrete roadways during the 1970’s on the New York State Interstate Highway System.  We became an industry specialist in slip-form paving, which reduces time and labor costs on a project. Today we continue to install concrete roadways throughout the Northeast, utilizing new technologies that reduce time and labor costs, while increasing quality and smoothness. Today we are one of a few companies that use string-less guidance along with mechanical dowel bar insertion to achieve these goals.

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