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Curb and Gutter

This market segment is where SGCC’s innovation truly began.  Our founder Domenic Surianello saw an opportunity to perform work more efficiently and invested in our first slip form curb and gutter machine, a 1972 Curb Master Robot.  This machine was one of the first curb and gutter slip form machines in New York State.  In 1994, SGCC purchased its first tight radius machine, again one of the first of its type in New York.

Neighborhood subdivisions, commercial developments, and city streets all typically use concrete curb and gutter to guide and contain traffic as well as direct the flow of water runoff. Surianello was one of the first companies in New York State to install curb and gutter using slip-form technology, which reduces construction time and overall costs. Today we continue to install curb and gutter using these techniques and we continue to explore new opportunities in this competitive market.