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Surianello is a Company of Excellence in Collaboration, Character, and Competence.

Surianello General Concrete Contractors, Inc. has a wide range of equipment and personnel experience in order to complete a variety of projects. Our services include slip formed concrete curb & gutter, slip formed concrete barriers (standard, asymmetrical, architecturally treated) for both structures and highways, and slip form concrete pavements for mainline highways and airports. We have a complete array of equipment to accommodate most cross-sections found today on the interstate highway system. We are constantly searching for new technologies and updating our equipment to meet those technological demands so that we can bring to our customers the most current methods and means to help with costs and construction time. A testament to this is our latest acquisition.

In 2012, we acquired a Gomaco GHP 2800 slip formed paver equipped with stringless capability and Dowel Bar Insertation (DBI). Another technical innovation is the advancing of slip forming of textured barrier. This technology allows deeply textured, aesthetically pleasing, vertical concrete surfaces to be slip formed which will save time on a tight schedule and provide cost savings when compared to conventionally formed barrier.

ColusaCountyI ColusaCountyII

Concrete improved roads from mud bogs into passable, all-weather highways as shown
in the photographs of the same section of state highway in Colusa County, before and after
paving in 1918.  From the First Biennial Report of the California Highway Commission.