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2005 – ACPA Gold Winner

2005 – ACPA National Award for Excellence in Concrete Pavement

2005 Gold Winner-Municipal Streets & Intersections (>30,000 SY) Category

Project:                                Reconstruction of Walden Avenue and Union Road in the Town of Cheektowaga, Erie County, New York

Contractor:                         Surianello General Concrete Contractors Inc

Owner:                                  New York State Department of Transportation-Region 5

Engineer:                             URS Corporation

The challenge: In an unusually wet and chilly fall in upstate New York, reconstruct 6.8 lane-miles of a busy commercial roadway, along with five intersections, ahead of the impending holiday shopping season. All the while, keep dual turning lanes open and provide minimal disruption to businesses and both commercial and public traffic. The major objective of the project was to address the deep rutting and shoving problems caused, particularly in the intersections, by high truck traffic along the heavily trafficked commercial section of Walden Avenue. This major municipal street is bordered by 34 businesses, a regional mall with more than 200 stores, and a major truck stop. This roadway also is an important commuter route for the area, providing access to the New York Thruway, as well as the city of Buffalo and nearby towns. The total traffic volume (more than 41,000 vehicles per day) also made this project a challenge. Highlights of the project included placement of some 17,525 sq. yds. of 11-in. jointed concrete over 12,907 cu. yds. of 4-in. permeable base. The lanes on this busy roadway were 12- and 14-ft. wide. The design mix, supplied by both a central mix and dry batch plant, was a NYS DOT Class C mix with fly ash.

Adding to the challenge of the project was an A+B bid item included in the contract to minimize disruption to traffic and area businesses. Incentives and disincentives up to $7,000 per day were stipulated if the work was not completed by the scheduled dates. Even further complicating the project were the utility structures that had to be embedded in the pavement area (which required some innovative joint layouts).Getting the work done involved double-shifts and night construction. To address the challenges of managing under traffic, the general contractor hired a full-time traffic control supervisor for the duration of the project. Unusually long periods of rain, generally occurring overnight, further threatened the project schedule, but thanks to some vigilant weather-watching (using internet programs) and prioritizing of the concrete paving work, the work was done in spite of the bad weather. In fact, work was often completed within minutes of poor weather conditions.

Attention to detail, constant communications, excellent scheduling, and of course, quality construction, all contributed to the successful completion of the project. The work was completed 38 days ahead of the November 1st deadline, for which the owner paid full incentives.

Despite the challenges, the project was completed, thereby resolving long-standing, expensive, and dangerous problems associated with the asphalt pavement rutting and shoving. Now, motorists and area businesses enjoy the benefits of a smooth, durable concrete pavement that has improved traffic flow, ride quality, and safety.